Our Mission

The Syteline User Network is a liaison between Infor and the end users. We, as users, must collaborate to improve the people, process and procedures around SyteLine and Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI). The user group is and will remain focused to that goal for each and every member.


The Annual SUN Conference


SUN members become fully immersed in the culture of networking with like-minded individuals who find value in our powerful support system. We are truly committed to “Networking Together to Accomplish More.”

***Membership runs Jan to Dec of current year***

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If you’re a licensed company or other end user that is not involved in reselling, supporting or servicing SyteLine, Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) or Infor software products or services, this is the membership for you! You’ll enjoy full benefits and privileges. 

$250 per yearJoin Now!
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Companies and individuals who sell computer hardware, software, support or service to substantiate the use of the Infor software package should select the vendor membership option. You’ll have full vendor access.

$400 per yearJoin Now!
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Companies or Individuals who help to fill job openings in SyteLine, Infor CloudSuite Industrial CSI, or any other Infor related business or organization, this is the membership for you.

$700 per yearJoin Now!